The Future of Force, Motion and Power.

Inside Next Engine double ended pistons spin and oscillate such that a twisting force is applied to an output shaft. It is our belief that this technology represents the dawn of a new era in the utility, simplicity and symmetry of engine technology.

The engine architecture holds the promise of becoming a universal mechanism that can be applied across all application domains and energy sectors and from it the next wave of innovation in engine development will emerge.

Fundamentally Next Engine has more to offer - It is more efficient, reliable, economical and adaptable. This breakthrough engine discovery will act as the catalyst for moving the world forward faster and in the right direction. It offers the planet a smooth transition away from hydrocarbons and onto clean energy by efficiently making use of both. Next Engine directly addresses the climate change crisis in a practical way and provides a pathway to a better future for us all.

Access to engine technology far simplier, cleaner and cheaper than anything before it will soon be possible. These are bold claims. Our vision is clear and we have seen the future. Please visit our site regularly for updates and further information about the technology.

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